The overall goal of organising the workshops is to improve the flow of Business and management ideas and information between Practitioners, Experts and the students about the latest trends in the business world. Various workshops are regularly organized at NDIM for the benefit of students and faculty, with luminaries from wide-ranging fields interacting with the students. In a year, 3-4 workshops are organized to provide in-depth experience to students.


A workshop on Thalassemia awareness in association with Rotary Blood Bank was organized by CSR Society-NDIM for BBA students on 8th April, 2019. Dr. gave an overview of Thalassemia and explained that Thalassemia is a blood disorder passed down through families (inherited) in which the body makes an abnormal form or inadequate amount of hemoglobin.

After brief introduction, a video has been shown to students for generating awareness and measures for preventing the disease. Dr. Anju motivated students for getting their blood test for Thalassemia and asked them to donate the blood on regular basis. She also requested students to spread the awareness among others and making India Free from Thalassemia.

Awareness Programme on Environmental Hazards of e-waste

NDIM Organizes: New Delhi Institute of Management organized a workshop on “Awareness Programme on Environmental Hazards of e-waste” on 27/3/2019, in association with the NGO Action in Community and Training as their implementation partner under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s (MeitY), Manufacturers Associate of Information Technology (MAIT). The panellists of the workshop were Ms. Gurpreet Kaur, Founder and Managing Director, Action in Community and Training, Mr. Tapas Chatterjee. CEO, Action at Community and Training and Ms. Sakshe Vasudev, Environment Associate, KARO Sambhav Organization. The workshop focused upon the need and importance of E-waste management, Waste recycling, process and benefits of waste recycling and Conservation of Resources and Energy through e-waste management. The panelist after interaction, administered a quiz for the participants and winners were awarded.


A workshop on “Design Thinking” was organized by CSR Society-NDIM on 18th March, 2019 in which Ms. Butool Abbas, Design & Research Consultant gave an overview of Design Thinking and explained the benefits of this technique that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems. It’s extremely useful in tackling complex problems those are ill-defined or unknown, by understanding the human needs involved, by re-framing the problem in human-centric ways, by creating many ideas in brainstorming sessions, and by adopting a hands-on approach in prototyping and testing. She also focused on the 5 steps of Design thinking:

  • Empathize
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Prototype and
  • Test

After brief introduction, an exercise for students was conducted to give the practical exposure and to make them understand the basic concept of design thinking. The workshop was ended with the vote of thanks and a question solving session.

Workshop On “Career Guidance & Career Counseling”

A student oriented workshop on identifying career options and higher education routes was organized at the campus on 29th Jan., 2019. The resource person for the same was Mr. ARKS SRINIVAS, Manager Career Launcher who highlighted several career options that can be taken up by students after their BBA course. He also explained various higher education study options that the students may be interested after their graduation and the ways to apply in for various colleges and courses.

Workshop On “Social Surfing”

Circle: The CSR cell in association with Centre for Social Research conducted a workshop on 25th Jan 2019 in order to discuss the online safety mechanisms that are devised to control the information shared by the users in the virtual spaces. The speakers for the workshop Ms.Sonia, Volunteer at the Centre for Social Research and Ms.Esha Chaudhari, Volunteer at the Centre for Social Researchthoroughly discussed the Information and solutions to concerns like trolling, cyber bullying, harassment, fake news etc with the students who constitute the major force of social media users today. Ms.Esha Chaudhary also discussed the safety features present on Facebook in detail, which helps user control their online information. The truly inspiring aspect of the workshop was the excitement of the participants towards Facebook and safety measures to be used while being online. There was a unanimous positive response from the students, as well as the faculty. All the participants of the workshop provided with the participation certification at the end by CSR.

Workshop On “Avenues of studying abroad”

On 16th January, 2019, the Placement Cell organized a workshop for the students, who had an interest in knowing about or a desire to study aboard. The resource person was Mr. Pawan Solanki, from Global Reach (which is one of the few most comprehensive study-abroad consultancies in India). It is a twenty eight year old organization, having a direct partnership with more than 450 Universities and institutions from more than 14 countries. The workshop was attended by 90 students who were briefed about the various tests such as GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/SAT/IELTS. Qualifying aggregate percentage, number of years required to pursue graduation/post-graduation, idea of inbuilt internship, significance of extracurricular activities and such related issues were discussed and so was the issue pertaining to scholarships and other financial aids, addressed. Distinction between ‘University’ and ‘College’ was conveyed, student visas and work permits were also discussed. Importance of indigenous language for immigration purposes was highlighted and focus was thrown on the relevance of Statement of Purpose (SOP). After an hour long comprehensive presentation, questions from the students were entertained and links to free Psychometric test was shared.

Quality Management with Six Sigma

NDIM Placement Cell organized a Workshop titled “Quality Management with Six Sigma" on 27/09/2018. The expert Mr. G.K.K. Singh, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, discussed about the principles of quality management, quality management process, purpose of quality management and also focused on the required skills for becoming a successful Lean Six Sigma professional.

Workshop on Working on MS-Excel made easy

On 20th September, IT Department organized a workshop on Excel to learn from Basic to Advanced functions of it. Hands on exercises were performed by the students which are not normally the part of curriculum but are very useful for analytical purposes. Dr. Rakhi, Mr. Shailendra, Dr. Gitanjali and Dr. Niraj RBL were the resource persons of the event.

Workshop on Basic to Advance Excel

NDIM organises a workshop on 20th September, 2018 at 01.00pm on excel. Working with functions & formulas, logical programming, security and much more to learn .. Hands on exercises were performed by the students which are not normally the part of curriculum but are very useful for analytical purposes. Dr. Rakhi, Mr. Shailendra, Dr. Gitanjali and Dr. Niraj RBL were the resource persons of the event.

Speaker: Mr. Manoj, ASI and Mr. Rakesh, ASI

Workshop on Managing Difficult Emotions

NDIM organized a day long workshop on " Managing Difficult Emotions", on 23rd June 2018 in association with Cheshta Counseling & Psychotherapy Services . The workshop enabled the participants to implement stress relieving mantras and tools to manage emotions effectively as explained by the resource persons, Ms Naumita Rishi and Ms. Deepa Puniya- Experts in behavioural sciences.

Workshop on Road Safety & Awareness

NDIM conducted a workshop on Road safety & awareness on 7th February, 2018 in collaboration with Delhi Traffic Police. The speakers, Mr. Manoj, ASI and Mr. Rakesh, ASI, Delhi Traffic Police addressed the students and discussed about how to reduce road accidents, what is to be done in case of road casualties and the strategies to be incorporated in our daily lives as to how to improve on road safety. They also showed some videos and case based stories wherein the students were taught the lessons of road safety.

Speaker: Mr. Manoj, ASI and Mr. Rakesh, ASI

Workshop on Entrepreneurial Skill Development

NDIM conducted a workshop on developing entrepreneurial skills among the young minds on 31st October, 2017 wherein small entrepreneurs, Mr. Ishan Kohli and Sh. S.K. Kohli of Kohli Builders and developers addressed the students on the main issues that are involved in starting up a venture and the challenges involved. They also emphasized the fact that there is nothing in the world that can stop one if there is fire in the belly and that all can become successful entrepreneurs if they adopt certain traits. The students enjoyed the workshop and did some practical problem solving exercises.

Workshop on Skill Building

NDIM conducted a workshop on Skill Building on 20th September 2017 that witnessed the presence of experts from Glass Academy, Delhi. The experts laid down the foundation for Skill India concept at NDIM and discussed how to develop a strategy to prepare the youth for future basis of vocational skills of different kinds.

Speaker: Experts from Glass Academy, Delhi

Workshop on Total E-Solutions for effective management of Libraries

NDIM conducted a workshop on Total E-Solutions in association with FocuzInfotech on 16th May 2017. The purpose of the workshop was to bring together the librarians of different organization to learn about the significance of digitilzation in their field. The workshop participants represented different organizations, including school, universities, associations and not-for-profit organizations. The experts Ms. Aparna Bhardwaj and Ms.Anjaly Krishnan of FocuzInfotech discussed the significance of Digital Library with the audience. Their rigorous demonstration on Content search, Keyword Search, Photo gallery and CD/DVD mirroring was intended to make the librarians efficient. All the participants were given the certificates at the end by the Principal of NDIM.

Speaker: Ms. Aparna Bhardwaj, Marketing Manager, FocuzInfotech

Faculty and Staff Coordinators: Ms. Sadhana Banerji, Mr. Sunder Lal, Ms.Suchita Pandey

Workshop on Managing emotions for good interpersonal relationships

NDIM organised a day long workshop on training and guiding the students as to how they can smartly and effectively manage their emotions at personal and professional levels on 17th April, 2017. The whole module was designed to enable the use of some important O.B. concepts like Transactional Analysis, Ego States and Emotional Quotient development among students. The workshop also included practical and interactive exercises to impart hands on understanding of managing emotions for better and improved relationships.

Speaker: Ms. Navina Joy, HR expert and corporate trainer.

Faculty Coordinators: Ms. Sadhana Banerji , Mr.Ankur Budhiraja and Mr.Ashok Asthana

Student Coordinators: Aliza Nadir, Aman Goyal, Rhythm, Supriya Ghosh, Supriya Gupta, Aastha, Chhavi Shukla

Workshop on Effective Time Management

NDIM has organised a unique one day module on Effective Time Management on 5th Nov., 2016 in response to the high level of interest of students. The programme was specially designed to take care of the needs of individuals to strengthen skills at time management for a positive multiplier effect on productivity. This practice-oriented development programme has been designed to equip the participants with a scientific and systematic approach to effective and efficient time management. The contents of the workshop were:

  • The 3Ps of Time Management: Planning, Prioritizing and Procrastination
  • Dealing with Interruptions
  • Art of Delegation Application of tools, such as diaries, calendars and time logs

Speaker: Anuradha Bhattacharji, Head HR at Digital Green, Delhi.

Faculty Coordinators: Dr.Meenakshi Kaushik , Mr.Ankur Budhiraja and Mr.Ashok Asthana.

Student Coordinators: V.Vishnu, Tushar Saini,Yakshi Dutta, Mini Manchanda and Farman Kadri.

Workshop on 'Effective Planning and Scheduling'

A one day workshop on Effective Planning and Scheduling was conducted by Dr. Sudhanshu Pandiya on 23rd October, 2016 to develop student's skills. It provided the students with the primary elements to create any type of schedule, including how to define a goal, create a work breakdown structure, estimate task durations, determine project duration, effectively allocate project resources, plan for risks, and create a communication plan.

Speaker: Dr. Sudhanshu ,Associate Professor , Institute of Business Management, CSJMU.

Faculty Coordinators: Dr. M.M Maheshwari ,Mrs Deepti Gaur and Dr Niraj Saxena.

Student Coordinators: Dhruva Sharma,Deepti Singh,Shikha Chauhan and Ayush Rikhari.

Entrepreneur Promoting Entrepreneurship among Students.

NDIM has organized a one-day workshop named Entrepreneur Me; Promoting Entrepreneurship among Students on 15th September, 2016 at the campus premises. In this workshop, students experienced various roles in the process of getting funding for a new business idea: innovator, supporter, business planner, presenter and investor. Students were stimulated by the fast pace and hands-on nature of the activities. They were asked to create a new product using two everyday items. The best thing about this workshop was that the learning was activity based. It simulated the practical experiences of the entrepreneur and helped the students learn about what it feels like to take risks in business.

During this session of almost three hours, the faculty members who witnessed the success of the event were Dr. Ambika Rathi, Dr.Bhawna Bhatnagar, Mrs. Suchita Diwedi, Dr.Meenakshi Kaushik and Mr. Tabish mufti. Dr. Ambika Rathi welcomed the expert speaker and finally the workshop ended with the vote of thanks delivered by Dr.Meenakshi Kaushik.

Speaker: Mr. Professor Kalyan Bannerjee; Head Work tree

Faculty Coordinators: Dr. Meenakshi Kaushik and Dr. Ambika Rathi

Student Coordinators: Akshit Nagdev, Abdul Samad, Harshita Sharma and Bharat Gupta.

Workshop on Career Visioning: Finding Your Focus

A day long workshop in collaboration with Career Launcher, Delhi on the topic with MBA; finding your focus was conducted on 8th Oct., 2016 at NDIM New Delhi. It is important for the students to have a direction or focus throughout their academics. This workshop tried to help the students to determine their best fit career so that there should not be any mismatch between their interest, skills and chosen career.

Speaker: Mr Neeraj Prasad Head Career Launcher.

Faculty Coordinators: Ms. Suchita & Mr.Ankur Budhiraja

Student Coordinators: Varun Sood, BhavyaPreet Kaur, Karan Kataria & Priyanshi Batra.

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