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To help the students get confidence in arranging and managing huge events like National Seminars, NDIM holds such events regularly in collaboration with various Govt. and non-Govt. departments. The students get the opportunity to get enlightened by the expert views of the great speakers from Research, Academic and industry backgrounds.

1. Report on National Conference on “Digital India – Empowering the Vision”,10th Nov.,2017

NDIM organised its second national conference titled Digital India – Empowering the Vision on 10th November 2017. The conference was well attended by eminent academicians, faculty members and students from reputed technical and educational institutions from different parts of the country.

The conference was inaugurated by the Chairperson of NDIM at the inaugural function, Ms. Bindu Kumar on 10th morning. In her inaugural address, she lauded the Management and the academic administration of the institute for hosting a national conference.

In the morning session, Mr. Akshat Jain – AVP in Genpact with 10 yrs. Exp. and Mr. Amit Pareenja – BDM in Vodafone India with 14+ yrs. Exp. presented their views on the Digital India.

In the afternoon, the second session started with Ms. Swati Arora – Currently in Process & Governance Function with 15 yrs. Of non banking n banking Exp. and Ms. Prashant – Head Mpesa Business in Vodafone with 19+ yrs. Exp. giving a talk on managing the Digital India within the frame works of a scope, barriers and remedies. Various participants presented Fifteen papers on the subject.

During the valedictory program conducted in the evening, Dr. M.M.Maheshwari & Dr. Niraj RBL Saxena, congratulated the Institute and the Management on organizing a national conference on a contemporarily relevant theme.

The Conference Proceedings CD was released by the Chairperson Ms. Bindu Kumar on the occasion and the certificates to the participants too were given away.

A few participants who gave their feedback on the conference praised the institution for hosting its first ever conference in such an impeccable manner and said that they were overwhelmed by the hospitality offered by the organisers.

Ms. Bindu Kumar, in her presidential address, thanked all the sponsors, advertisers, delegates, and the faculty and students for their magnanimous support and assured that NDIM will organise more such activities in the future.

After the valedictory program, the conference came to an end, leaving fond memories in the minds of the guests and delegates and a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in all members of the faculty and staff and student volunteers who were associated with its preparation and organisation.

1. Seminar on Sustainable Environment: The need of the hour

NDIM organised a seminar on Sustainable Environment: The need of the Hour on 20th October, 2017. Prof. S. Chaudhry, KUK and Ms. Bharati Chaturvedi, Director, CHINTAN environment consultancy were invited as speakers who presented several unknown facts related to environmental degradation and suggested suitable measures that can be implemented to curb this problem and to create an environment worth living. They also shared some research findings gathered from different literature to create a mass awareness about this global issue. The seminar witnessed participation of over 200 students and faculty and culminated with a question answer session.

2. In house Seminar on “Issues Related to Gender Equality at Workplace“

NDIM, on 18th August, 2017 organised one day seminar on “Issues Related to Gender Equality at Workplace “. The participant speaker from various walks of corporate life delivered their thoughts and made the event very successful.

The issue was discussd by Ms. Vinita Nangia, Sr. Editor, Times of India, Ms. Shuchi Punjani, HR Hear, Arvato, and Ms. Sarika Gauba, Social Worker and Hear of Housing society, Noida The participants of the seminar included faculties, corporate guests and students of NDIM. One day seminar was chaired by the Chairperson, Mrs. Bindu Kumar, Chairperson, and finally vote of thanks was given by the Principal, Dr. Madan Mohan Maheshwari.

3. In house Seminar on CSR: Pros and Cons

NDIM organised a day long seminar on the notion CSR, its challenges, prospects and consequences on 29th April, 2017 in the campus. The Corporate experts, Mr. Sunny Mehta from Kopal Partners, Ms Divya Arri, HR manager E&Y and Mr. Gaurav Banerjee, Manager Branding, Diageo were invited to carry on with the deliberations for the day.

In the beginning itself, the first speaker initiated a group discussion and then asked the students to assume the role of owners of a business and whether they will engage in CSR or not. Further the next speakers shared their experiences on how CSR activities fulfill the long term business objectives and what challenges arise while doing so. In the last, the students were allowed to ask questions.

4. In house Seminar on Women Empowerment

NDIM organised a daylong seminar to Celebrate Women's Day on 8th March, 2017. The day began with the lamp lighting by Ms. Bindu Kumar, Chairperson and Dr. MM maheshwari, Principal

The highlight of the day was "Empowerment Talk" where eminent speakers, Dr. Monika - a motivational speaker, Ms. Dipika – a spiritual motivator, Mr. Gaurav Dhamija – a holistic healer & astro counselor and Ms. Simmi Bhandari as Freelance activist shared their thoughts on the notion. The day culminated with an exhaustive question answer round in which students askes several questions on topics related to power of women, empowerment and its ways and means, etc.

Towards the end, Ms. Bindu Kumar delivered a vote of thanks for all the eminent speakers.

5. "In house Seminar on Emotional Intelligence amongst students".

NDIM organized a day long In house Seminar on 2nd Nov., 2016 at New Delhi Institute of Management, 61, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, New Delhi-110062 on the topic "Emotional Intelligence amongst students". The following experts were invited to highlight the thrust areas of emotional stability and recommended very effective ways of managing emotions to the audience.

Pre Lunch Session

  • Mr. Subhash Jagota, Director, Global Business Solutions
  • Mr. Rajesh Agarwal, Motivational speaker & Behavioral expert
  • Mrs.Raj Tambi Mentor Art of Living

Post Lunch session

  • Sister Jayanti Brahmakumaris Delhi
  • Dr. Rohit Garg,Psychologist, Delhi
  • Dr. Meenakshi Kaushik, Associate Professor, NDIM

The speakers introduced the concept of emotional intelligence and its benefits. They highlighted the importance of emotional quotient over intelligence quotient. The session also included some practical test for checking the emotional stability of students and faculty members. They also discussed in detail the five emotional intelligence competencies.

6. Seminar on 'Contemporary Issues in Financial Services and International Business.'

NDIM successfully organized a day long National Seminar on 9th September, 2016 at New Delhi Institute of Management campus on the topic "Contemporary Issues in Financial Services and International Business".

To make the seminar invigorating and knowledge filled, experts from different areas including academics and industry were invited. These included:


  • Mr. D. S. Rawat. Secretary General at ASSOCHAM
  • Mr. Vikramaditya Ugra,General Manager EXIM Bank.
  • Dr. Amitabh Maheshwari,Associate Professor,Finance, Jiwaji University.


  • Dr.Ajay Jha,Professor,Sikkim Manipal University.
  • Dr Mr.Bikas Pilaniwala,Indirect Taxation Head,Apollo Tyers Ltd.
  • Dr.Prabhat Pankaj,Professor International Business Jaipuria Institute of Management.

The experts shared their views on recent trends in financial services and discussed the importance of balance of trade and balance of payments to the development of macroeconomic policy.

7. 'In house Seminar on Management Practices for the New Economy.'

NDIM organized a day long in house Seminar on 28th April, 2016 at its campus on the topic "Management Practices for the New Economy". The following experts were invited to highlight the various emerging management practices in this global economy.

Pre Lunch Session

  • Mr. Prathmesh Mishra, Vice President Marketing, USL.
  • Dr Birajit Mohanty, Associate Professor, school of Business & Commerce, Manipal Universtiy Jaipur.
  • Mr. BL Narayan, HR head Capgemini India.


The speakers shared their knowledge by focussing on the management practices of successful enterprises who have managed to survive and remain dominant in their industries over the last 50 yrs. The students also were given the opportunity to raise questions and get their doubts clarified.

8. National seminar on 'Strengthening Strategies, Shaping Policies and Empowering Personnel: Key to Organizational Competitiveness.'

NDIM organized a one day National Seminar on 4th March, 2016 at New Delhi Institute of Management, 61, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, New Delhi-110062 on the topic "Strengthening Strategies, Shaping Policies and Empowering Personnel: Key to Organizational Competitiveness". The following experts were invited:

First Technical Session

  • Dr. Manjula Chaudhary: Professor and Dean, Kurukshetra University
  • Mr. Shiv Agrawal: Managing Director, ABC Consultant, New Delhi.
  • Mr. Manish Kumar: MD & CEO, NSDC visited IL&FS Institute.

Second Technical Session

  • Mr.Mukesh Sisodia: Training and Development Manager Alkem Pharmaceuticals.
  • Mr. Naveen Narasappa: HR Head Honeywell, New Delhi
  • Mr. Ankit Mehta: Head, Dealing & Administration, Five Three Alpha Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.

The speakers highlighted the issues and practices that contribute in redefining business operations through intellectual amalgamation of strategy, policies and Personnel and definitely in presence of restructured yet simplified technologies.

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